5 Best Futuristic Movies

5 Best Futuristic Movies

The world of cinema can give us a doorway into other worlds, still related to our own, but still different enough for us to enjoy them from an explorer’s point of view. The world of cinema has delivered amazing settings which can still be haunting to this day. 

The future is always one of the most interesting topics when it comes to the cinema. Whether apocalyptic, peaceful, struggling or simply different, sci-fi movies with a focus on the future are often by their very nature, breathtaking. 

Not all of them are great, however. Here are the ones that you should pay attention to.

The Matrix – A Possible Reality

This movie series is a game changer. People started seriously considering whether they were plugged into a machine and an entire virtual world, and most of them would have loved to have a red pill. Others would have loved to have the blue one and remain in blissful ignorance. The Matrix is one of the most amazing movies, which gives us an idea of a very dystopian future. It also points at some social issues which have been around for a while.

Solaris – Psychology Or More?

Solaris, the 1972 edition directed by Andrey Tarkovsky is a piece of work that should be watched by everybody. This movie is set in space, on a station which seems to have lost its inhabitants. Why has that happened? Well, a certain Kris Kelvin has to find out, which plunges him into an adventure, but not a typical one. This movie deals with physics, psychology and many more interesting topics.

Minority Report – An Orwellian Nightmare

This movie stars Tom Cruise and paints a picture of a future which is partly here. Intrusive advertisements and predictive models are here with us, but a pre-crime unit which punishes people who have yet to commit crimes is non-existent, luckily to everyone. When Tom Cruise’s character, who is an officer in this unit, gets accused of a crime he is yet to commit, things start changing rapidly. There is a lot of introspection, as is often the case with Philip K. Dick’s stories.

Avatar – A Trip to Another Planet

Avatar sends us to another planet, where another species lives. This species has a really intimate connection to the nature of the planet. Starring Sam Worthington, the movie sends us to Pandora, an inhabitable planet where the natives are having problems with human colonists, go figure. As things get heated, our protagonist finds a way to connect to the planet, while also struggling with his loyalty to his own species.

The Fifth Element – A Classic

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich are an amazing pair in this timeless classic which also stars Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker and Ian Holm. This movie will have you traveling through space with a cabbie and a girl who barely knows how to speak at first, but she does know how to fight.

As always, with these best of lists, one should always have some reservations. These are some of the best futuristic movies, but definitely not the only good ones.