What Are Phones Going to Look Like In the Future?

What Are Phones Going to Look Like In the Future?

We all like spectating about things, whether they could have turned out different and whether they will turn out different if we change a thing or two. Sometimes, you cannot really spectate about something unless you have a lot of information and even then, it might not be enough.

What about spectating about something we all know of, mobile phones? They are a frequent topic and with every iteration of phones, we might even get an idea about what future phones are going to look like. Here is what phones might look like in the coming years.

More Folding Phones – Compactness and Size

Folding phones are the future, as Samsung keeps reminding us. Once the technology becomes mainstream, we will keep seeing foldable touchscreen phones which will be compact and large at the same time. They will most likely get thinner and with better hinges and safer to use, meaning that foldable phones will be accessible to everybody. It is a great step in the right direction, so we might see them sooner rather than later.

Under Display Cameras

This is a feature which more and more phones are starting to implement. Some are still far away from being good and completely flawless but they will get there eventually. Oppo was the first company to get there, but others are on the right path, probably waiting for the technology to mature before putting in their flagship devices. We might see Samsung and Apple phones with under display cameras soon enough.

Holographic Phones?

Holographs are something from sci-fi movies but with time, we will most likely see holographic phones appear and take over the market.

Some prototypes exist, but the technology is too clunky and too early in development to even function properly, let alone be implemented in phones.

It will take time, but we will eventually get holographic phones.

Foldable Screens

Folding phones already exist, but more and more foldable screens will mean that phones will be able to become smaller and fit onto our wrists, or even fold to be really compact. At some point, when transistors become small enough that they can fit inside a small screen, phones will become about as small as they can get, while also foldable to a larger size.

Phones Which Can Be Greener

Greener phones are what we need nowadays. With how people change phones every generation and how phones are much more difficult to repair, there is a lot of e-waste with phones. That is problematic because they never get reused and they only pollute and waste energy and materials.

Eco friendly phones will be usable in more than one way. Once they become obsolete, they can be reused and their materials will be either biodegradable or recyclable.

Phones as an Extension of Ourselves

Phones are already connected to us in a way which is pretty concerning at times. We keep them by our sides and we often use them as soon as we wake up. Newer phones will be able to connect to us, monitor our vitals and help us perform and go through the day easier. This might scare some people and entice others but it is surely on the way.

From holographic phones to foldable screens, the future of phones is certainly not going to be dull.