Is VR the Future of Video Games?

Is VR the Future of Video Games?

Technology develops on an everyday basis and we keep seeing improvements of all sorts, from regular consumer devices to industry-grade equipment. With that in mind, video games also get better, as the hardware and software improve.

Somewhere in between you can find VR technology, or virtual reality. VR is great for some use cases and some forecast that it will become the future of video games? Could that be true? Here is more on the topic.

VR is Still Very Young

VR technology is young. There are many ways to make something look VR, even though it is not strictly VR. With a headset, you can simply render video games in the traditional way and use a mouse and keyboard or a controller to play.

On another hand, that isn’t as immersive as it would be to actually wave with your hands and launch arrows or box, or dance. 

VR is young and the technology is yet to improve. It is being used for video games, but nowhere nearly as much as regular consoles, PCs, and everything else that has a flat (or slightly curved) screen.

VR Has a Place in Gaming

Gaming makes sense for VR implementation but it is also somewhat difficult to implement unless a very popular VR game is released and picked up by streamers. The problem with that is also that not everybody can even afford the newest consoles, let alone PCs and the necessary VR equipment.

VR has a place in gaming, but it will likely remain as a side option until things and technology normalizes and people start purchasing VR equipment on a regular basis.

What About the Distant Future?

The distant future might include VR as a standard feature, or something even more immersive, like plugging ourselves in the Matrix. VR will definitely become a new normal for video games, but it is unlikely that we will be seeing it in this decade or maybe even the next. It is hard to tell with technology, as sometimes things develop more conservatively but at other times, they leapfrog over generations.

What is the Status of VR Games?

VR games are available for mobile phones and huge headsets which you have to plug into your computer for it to do the rendering. Both are great and have their pros and cons. Try VR for yourself to see whether you can take it. Some people get nausea from VR, so it might not be a pleasant experience for everyone.

VR has a place with video games but to call it the future of gaming would be a stretch that might take multiple decades to actually take place. For now, enjoy the VR games that are already there.