Iconic Video Games from the 90s

Iconic Video Games from the 90s

The 90s were a strange place in the world. The music took a weird turn, from pop hits and endless shredding on guitars to something more approachable and relatable, and to some people, disgusting.

Video games, however, started blowing up, in the sense that the hardware was better and that developers had more to work with to create better experiences. More and more people started playing them and if we can compare such popularity to anything, we can safely say that their popularity was at the same height as that of wildz casino bonus code nowadays. Now, another reason of the growing popularity of video games was the PS: The 90s saw the release of the PlayStation and classics were born. Here are some of the best video games from the 90s.

Street Fighter II – 1992

Street Fighter II is still considered the best fighting game by fighting game purists. It is the game every other fighting game was based on. It introduced characters like Ken, Ryu, Chun Li and many others to the world. Iconic moves such as the Hadouken and Shoryuken were added, with voice lines and combos which still take ages to master. From that point on, fighting games went in a very specific direction.

Doom – 1993

The original Doom was a masterpiece and it redefined the shooting genre. The Doom Slayer is born and he is angry and wants to kill demons. And you need to find keycards, lots of keycards. Venture into this world of demons as you carry an arsenal of deadly weapons, all meant for slaying, of course.

Sonic the Hedgehog – 1991

Sonic is an iconic character and SEGA gained their own mascot when they created him. Sonic is a speedster, a hedgehog that can break the sound barrier on foot. He fights the evil Dr. Robotnik and later Eggman, to save his planet and other planets, while also trying to find chaos emeralds. It is a platformer which brought a new element to such games, speed.

Chrono Trigger – 1996

Oh boy, a time travelling adventure with 11 possible endings? Yes, RPGs were amazing even in the 90s. Square Enix brought this game to the world, with a possibility of changing your battle party. Travel through time, battle anything from dinosaurs, ghosts, robots to spiders and gooey creatures, as well as a gigantic boss which will get you questioning life. Another great iconic game from Square Enix is Final Fantasy VII, which puts you in the shoes of Cloud Strife, who battles for the soul of a planet.

Planescape: Torment – 1999

At the very end of the 90s, Planescape: Torment was released, an RPG which is still an inspiration to many other RPGs. It is endlessly replayable as the story changes and shifts as you build your character, the Nameless One. Oh yeah, you can’t really die. You need to find out why and who you were, and more importantly, who you are.

Half Life – 1998

Gordon Freeman began his iconic journey in 1998. Valve’s Half Life is a game that brought us so many games that some today do not even know where they came from. Counter Strike was a mod for Half Life before the developers were hired by Valve and the IP acquired. The rest is history.

Anyway, Half Life, crowbars, monsters and Freeman having to navigate his way through the world.

Super Mario 64 – 1993

Mario games were already great and fun but when Super Mario 64 was released, the world got to see Mario jump around in 3D. 3D Mario is just a different game to regular Mario games. It required more coordination and it was generally more fun. It also catapulted Mario into the future, that of 3D graphics.

These are some of the great video games that the 90s brought us. There are so many of them that the list would have to be ten times as long. Try them if you haven’t played them. They are still every bit as great.