Should You Learn How to Code?

Should You Learn How to Code?

Technology is developing and there are always two sides to making technology. The hardware and the software. The hardware means working on the very things that make a device, and working to improve them. This career path can take you into multiple directions, from theoretical knowledge to practical engineering. 

The software side of things is always related to some form of code and programming. The software side of things is huge and there is always lots of coding to be done. The question is, should you learn coding?

Should One Learn How to Code?

This question is not easy to answer with a straight yes or no, but rather, the benefits of coding should be looked at, as well ast the type of coding. Not all coding is the same. Low-level coding differs from editing HTML and CSS for a website. Learning how to code takes effort, time and lots of concentration. You could choose to code for websites and work on the frontend, but you could also focus on the backend, where most of the gritty work is done.

Now, the answer to the question: should you code depends on whether you like spending time by a screen, debugging all sorts of letters, symbols and numbers? Or rather, do you enjoy creating something and working hard to achieve it? Coding is a job that takes patience and effort.

Does Coding Pay Well?

Coding is one of the best paid jobs in the industry. Depending on the type of programming one is doing, they can be paid lots of money or even more than that. It also depends on the company and the industry. Developing custom solutions for private companies is a well-paid job but slaving for local mobile app regurgitating companies might not be the way to go.

Typically, low-level programming pays more. If one wants more money, they should look in that direction.

Is Coding a Safe and Secure Job?

Coding is a very safe job in that most developers will not be obsolete. There is always manual input which can help an already existing site or problem get resolved. Even though AI might at some point become a viable solution for programming, that will likely not happen anytime soon. Architecture changes might threaten developers, but these things do not come out of the blue and programmers have to adapt with every library update anyway.

Is Coding a Tiring Job?

Developing an application from scratch and making sure that everything is top notch is not the same as getting a website to load correctly. Some programming jobs can be more tiring than others. It is just like all other industries and career paths which are similar but also very different. Depending on the type of coding one does and the type of person they are, coding may be more or less tiring.

Programming Can be Done from (technically) Everywhere

If you have a laptop with a decent battery and you do not need to compile your code every single minute, you should be able to code from a sandy beach. It would beat working in a dreary office and starting at plain, white walls.

This is a nice benefit of programming, at least the kind that does not take servers to be successful.

Programming, or coding, is a profession which can be exciting and profitable. It takes time and effort but one can always take up coding as a hobby and see where they end up.