The Best Video Game Soundtracks

The Best Video Game Soundtracks

Video games are very interesting, and for multiple reasons. People play them to have fun, kill some time, compete, or simply enjoy a visually stunning experience. But, there was a time when games were visually inferior compared to their soundtrack. Developers would manage to capture the gaming world’s attention through a good soundtrack.

Nowadays, everything is much better, particularly the technology used to produce and reproduce a game’s soundtrack. Speaking of which, here are the best video game soundtracks.

Chrono Trigger

Japanese RPGs have always had soundtracks which sound appropriate for the situation, while also being catchy or extremely well placed with regards to the game’s action or narrative. Noriko Matsueda, Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda have outdone themselves with the 1995 hit video game, Chrono Trigger. Playing the game, every sound fits every situation, not to mention that the themes and character pieces are simply amazing. The boss’ music will have you dreaming of it. The soundtrack was played by many orchestras all over the world.

Eric Mill, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher series of video games did a lot of things right. The third iteration in the Witcher franchise was a masterpiece in all of its aspects. The soundtrack was one of them. Folk music combined with battle music, hymns and haunting melodies, everything fits the surroundings, situations. The tavern music will have you dancing and enjoying yourself while the battle songs will give you extra motivation to handle hordes of monsters. CD Projekt Red does some things great, others not as much. Soundtracks are among the things they do great.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim has been around for a decade, long enough for everyone to learn about its memes and lore. Skyrim’s soundtrack is something that got people hyped up ever since the release of the trailer. The trailer itself has a choir of 30 people singing a hymn about a Dovahkiin, a Dragonborn, as well as the return of the dragons. But other than amazing battle hymns, the game has songs which fit exploration, caves, cities, taverns and epic moments. Take your pick and you won’t be disappointed.

Doom: Eternal

The Doom franchise had its rebirth with the release of Doom in 2016. Doom: Eternal returned in 2020 with a ridiculously good soundtrack, composed by Mick Gordon. The game has epic battle scenes, as you would expect from a Doom video game. It also has an epic soundtrack which matches the scenes, everything at a high pace. The soundtrack makes the experience much more enjoyable, particularly when hordes of demons are trying their best to end you.

There are so many video games with great soundtracks, of which these are but a few. They are good soundtracks, but I urge you to explore more games and find a good soundtrack on your own.