The Good Sides of an AI – What are AIs Good For?

The Good Sides of an AI – What are AIs Good For?

We need to advance in order to become the best that we can, as a race. Humans often rely on technology to reach their most advanced goals and that is rightfully so. Technology is very good and it helps us with tasks such as calculations to things which are much more complex such as data processing.

In the last couple of decades, researchers have been working hard on making AI technology better. Artificial Intelligence can help us with so many things. Yes, there are the obvious warnings through sci-fi movies, but to be frank, AI has plenty of benefits. Here they are, in no particular order.

AI Can Automate Simple Tasks on Their Own

Imagine having to write code for every single task that you want to automate? That would be a tedious job and you would have to update the code as you change the task. If a task is simple, that does not mean that automating the task will also be simple.

AI can help here, but learning and being fed information. With time, it will be able to automate tasks on its own. This can save the developer time and money, enabling them to focus on something different. 

AI Powers Search Algorithms

Did you notice that your search results became clearer and better over the last couple of years? Well, Google, Microsoft, Apple and the like, have access to lots of input data and information, which they can feed to their AI.

AI needs data to learn. Search engines are one of the best ways of obtaining data. With this data, the AIs can help regulate search results and help you to get the best result possible. Instead of scrolling to the tenth page for the result, you might have to go to the second. This is a huge improvement which will only get better.

AI Gets Better By Itself (Sort of)

AI can get better over time. Just like humans when they are given resources and books, AI can also improve. AI improves with data. Depending on the model and what it is supposed to do, AIs accept input data and use it to learn, evolve and give you better answers, no matter what the question is. Search engines and search assistants are great examples of how AIs can obtain tons of data in a short period of time.

Weather Forecasts Getting Better

We as humans can do only so much to read an entire history of data. An AI can look through that history in seconds, or less, making the end result a much better one. Imagine that being applied to weather forecasts. We would get much accurate forecasts, including some that might not be obvious, or rather, would be completely unexpected.

Weather forecasts are important in some parts of the world where the weather can become extreme in under an hour.

AIs Work All the Time

AIs can work all the time, eliminating the need for humans to be constantly monitoring every aspect of every job in every industry.

With the right AI and adaptations, menial tasks or others which are time consuming, can be left to a highly advanced AI.

AIs are not the boogeyman that we are led to believe. AI can be great for everybody, provided that they are used for the right reasons.