How do Streamers Make Money?

How do Streamers Make Money?

Streaming is a very interesting job which people often choose to do when they have an amazing personality or when they are great at a certain video game. Every popular streamer has something to offer to their viewers and they relate to the streamer in some way.

Streamers also earn money for a living and this is not something you would expect to see unless they are very popular. Streamers make money from what, exactly? How does that work? Here is a brief explanation.

Subscriptions – Tiers 1 to 3

Depending on the provider, platforms often have subscriptions, where you can support the streamer by giving them money on a monthly basis. Subscriptions start at 5 dollars or an equivalent in your region of the world. Streamers earn money from those subscriptions, but not the exact amount, rather less. Platforms take a percentage and so do the countries. One has to pay tax.

Donations – The Best Way to Earn Money

Donations are the way of the community saying, we care about you and we want to support you directly. While subscriptions make sense and promote you on a platform, donations go directly to your account and you only have to deal with PayPal or any other e-wallet service. This way, streamers earn more money, but at the expense of their brand. Subscriptions do give you more promotions.

Partnerships – Having Partners Help

PArtnerships are great for streamers. They are one of the easiest ways to improve a streamer’s income. Partnerships can be with the platform or with outside brands. You would get money, free products, but in turn, you would have to advertise said products. This is how streaming works, or media in general. Streamers who have any sort of following get more partnership offers.

Keep in mind that not all offers are great. Read the contracts and make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into if you ever get offered a partnership on a platform.

Affiliate Links – Money!

Affiliate links are like advertisements but in a different way. You do not get paid for advertising the product directly, but rather when somebody uses your link to purchase a product or service. They work best if a streamer has a lot of viewers. Otherwise, they might not be profitable at all.

Streamers can make money in a variety of ways and these are but some of them. It is not a reliable way of earning money but it is fun.