6 Ways to Use VR – How to Use VR in Creative Ways

6 Ways to Use VR – How to Use VR in Creative Ways

Technology, developing as it does, becomes ever so slightly more advanced with every month, not to mention year. With how fast we are going, some parts of the industry are slow to catch up and there are obstacles with every generation and year of innovation.

VR is one of the technologies that is being developed on a regular basis which people can use in multiple ways. VR is great technology, used in professional applications as well as in consumer applications. Here is how VR is used in creative ways.

Flying Like a Bird

Some people wanted to fly and while parachuting seems like a great idea, it is not really flying as a bird would. This is where VR steps in. The Interaction Design Program at the Zurich University developed Birdly, a machine which can help you experience flight. You like down with a VR headset. A fan is blowing at you from different directions, mimicking how a bird would feel when flying. It is a very interesting and creative way to use VR.

Cycling in VR

People like to cycle, period. Some people can take their bicycles on long journeys and travel continents, but some do not have the time or the skill or the bravery. VR cycling is the answer. Don a headset and sit on an indoor bicycle. With that, you will be able to travel anywhere in the world and explore and travel. The scenery will be completely up to you to choose. Have fun!

Volvo HoloLens

The joint partnership of Microsoft and Volvo gave birth to the HoloLens, a headset which allows the customer to see the car they want to purchase and customize it in VR. This is a great way to scout your new vehicle in and out, from the chassis to the seats and every other detail, while not actually seeing the vehicle in person. It saves space and enables showrooms and customers to see their potential vehicle in a simpler way.

VR in Medical Training

VR works great in medical training, specifically for teaching upcoming doctors on how to perform surgeries. This is a great way of practicing without actually having to risk another person’s life.

Whether dental or cardio or neurosurgery, VR can be used to train upcoming doctors in the safest way possible.

VR in Sports – Broadcasting and Training

VR is a great addition to sports, particularly if you want to train your players to be better. Coaching and VR makes sense, particularly because you can watch and review plays, and help players visualize them, quite literally.

VR broadcasting is a new idea which is yet to take off but is essentially helping viewers see the games in 3D, through the use of special cameras and provided that the users have VR headsets.

VR Workouts – Actual Training

VR workouts are great if you want to see a movement performed in front of you. You can watch it from all sides, to get the best possible perspective and therefore, something you could translate to your own ideas.

VR images could also help you when doing repetitive exercises such as pushups and pull ups.

VR can be used in so many ways and these are but some of them. There are more, so many more, but these are just 6 of them, to give you an idea of what VR can do, other than gaming.