Do You Have to Play Video Games to be a Streamer?

Do You Have to Play Video Games to be a Streamer?

Streaming is a very popular way of entertaining oneself or others, depending on which part of the stream you are at. Streaming is often considered a world of gamers where those who stream video games profit the most and get the most viewers. But, this is not necessarily true. There are so many categories on various sites which have nothing to do with gaming.

Here is what you should know about streaming, particularly streaming anything other than video games.

Streaming Music – Musicians and Instrumentalists

These are very popular streaming categories. Some people simply play music and are great at DJing. Others turn to more instrumental music, where they do covers of songs live, to the best of their abilities. Some people sing and that is also a lovely way of streaming. The music category of streaming is every bit as popular as gaming, though it takes guts and recognition. Streaming music will probably be more difficult in regards to obtaining a fan base. It will be a longer and more difficult journey.

Streaming Videocasts – Talk Shows and Debates

This will probably not be as popular as other streams, such as gaming and even music, but it still works. Some people just want to talk and listen to others talk and discuss various topics. If one can get high profile guests, then streaming with these guests can boost the popularity of the channel and catapult it to the front of the platform. 

It takes the right topic and the right guests to make it work, but talk shows can be amazing to stream and watch.

Reaction Streams – They are Popular

We are very specific as humans and we like to relate to people. We enjoy watching people listen to our favorite music and see some of our favorite movie scenes. With that in mind, reaction channels and streams have become popular. Reaction streams are interesting and for those who want to feel something, whether anger if someone reacts the opposite of your expectations or joy when you see them feeling your song for the first time.

Gamers Really Are Popular

What makes video games enticing for streamers is that games are very popular with younger audiences. Even children play video games, let alone teenagers who repeat memes from their favorite streamers and constantly talk in a language that is difficult to understand unless you follow the stream culture.

Games can reach a very wide audience very quickly. The problem is that video games are very popular and that there will be so many competitors. With that in mind, there is also a huge audience so one might get their fair share of viewers.

What Should One Stream?

Well the answer to that is, whatever you enjoy. Streaming something you hate can turn your life upside down. There were plenty of original League of Legends streamers who actually started hating LoL and the community which would go berserk and become toxic if they were ever to stream anything else. Most of these people stopped streaming LoL and they moved to whatever they enjoy.

As someone starting their streaming career or hobby, one should always stream what they enjoy, whether that is a video game, music, cooking, art, talking or anything else. Doing otherwise will simply make you feel worse and that does not help even if you are earning lots of money.

Video games are very popular on streaming platforms. You can stream them or anything else for that matter. As long as you are enjoying whatever it is that you are streaming, it should be a great experience.