The 5 Best Video Games of 2021

The 5 Best Video Games of 2021

Every new year brings us a new video game, or at least hundreds of them. Some video games go by unnoticed and some are definitely in the limelight. Not all games have to be triple A titles which will eat your hardware for breakfast. Even smaller and lighter games can be entertaining, sometimes more so than games whose graphics look photorealistic. And while some gamers enjoy playing these games, others really like using STS Casino Bonus during their breaks from gaming, in order to have more fun in their free time. After all, it’s all about entertainment we get from games, right?

2021 has some great titles to offer and here are the best of them, in no particular order.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This was dubbed as the first truly next generation game. When it was released, it destroyed computers left and right, from top level processors to the highest end of graphics cards. It is obviously a flight simulator, but one that has lots of details and a killer feature in huge draw distance.

This makes sense, even though it is challenging for the hardware, given that one is flying a plane. You would want distant hills and cities to render. Prepare to lower details unless you have the absolute top end machine.

Resident Evil Village

Every Resident Evil game gets a lot of coverage and rightfully so. It is a survival-horror/standard action-adventure game. That means that the gameplay is relatively simple, moving you in the direction of every boss and objective, in a beautifully designed sandbox, one which will give you the chills. Enjoy your horror journey while also enjoying a great story.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect had a great trilogy and an underwhelming fourth game called Andromeda. It was underwhelming because of the pressure from EA which led to an early release and plenty of sacked content (meaning absolutely no DLCs and an unfinished story).

However, EA got the message and Bioware returned to making a new Mass Effect game and in the meantime, we got the original trilogy remastered. The trilogy is still great and with the remaster, it became even more appropriate, from a gameplay and graphics perspective.

Hitman 3

Square Enix did a lot right when they allowed the Hitman series to be remade in 2016. The third installment in the series, or the final one, if you can imagine, is about as great as you can imagine. Everyone’s favorite bald, barcoded assassin is back and his story is getting even more interesting, even though it is at its climax.

Enjoy the missions while they last, given that these might be the last ones (unlikely so).

Dying Light 2

Still unreleased, Dying Light 2 is looking to be every bit as good as the first version of the game. Dying Light is an amazing game where you need to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Doing so requires you to create and mod various weapons, like a baseball bat which is on fire, and can poison and electrocute zombies.

One of the main gameplay mechanics is the parkour, which was motion captured with David Belle, parkour’s founder. David Belle also worked on the second game and is one of the in-game characters, one that does parkour, obviously. Its release date is December 7 so prepare to stay human (the game’s slogan).

2021 has great video game titles, of which these are the best, at the moment. We might still be surprised because developers and publishers tend to release games unannounced.